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Real Estate in Egypt (Green contract and Residence visa)

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Service Description

Real Estate in Egypt (Green contract and Residence visa) What about to buy a real estate in the resorts of the Red Sea or Cairo? There are more than 200 agencies of real estate in the most visited resorts in Red Sea Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh. Increasing of that kind of business explains by a building boom and active interest between international companies and buyers. The most valuable is the way of real estate sales of big developers who offer the share investment to the construction. To buy an apartment or villa is the good way of investments. This is benefit: first you will get an highly liquid assets abroad that will increase in their cost more than double after 2 years; second is fully year vacation is one of the side of the benefits to launch the tourism or guest rental business there. The statistic shows that yearly that private real estate investment can bring 6-12% of the profits. The most popular rental objects are located in Hurghada or Sharm-El-Sheikh or near to Cairo resort Ain-Sokhna. So if you are business owner and hold it in Cairo you can easy go to your villa in Ain-Sokhna that is 150km from Cairo by high road. The prices for the rent are different and depend from comfort and furnishing the apartment or house: To rent a private villa in resort of Red Sea with a good designed territory and with a pool (from 2000 to 10000$ monthly); To rent an apartment or studio on the Red Sea in compounds (450 – 1800$ monthly) To rent an apartment in the downtown with a good infrastructure based next to nearest beaches of the resort (200-350$ monthly). Residence in Egypt You may get a residence visa in Egypt after preparing all the documents according to your ownership of apartment or villa. With a residence you have a lot of rights inside of the country including to build your own business and to establish the company in Egypt, buying car and getting the license or to start the trade activity in resorts. To avoid a fraud with a real estate in Egypt and to finish the process legally and clearly you should contact with a law firm that will check all the documents of seller and will register the contract between sides, then will get the standard Green Contract. This document is the state legalized paper that proves your ownership in any instants and any legal situation.

Contact Details

  • The Solicitor, KHAIR ZAMAN SUPERMARKET, Touristic Villages, Hurghada 1, Egypt

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